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Brand Design Agencies

Think for a moment about why you searched for brand design agencies. You are looking for someone to create a logo or design support pieces for your brand. Some are looking at brand design agencies because they need to design a booth for a trade show.

Elements of Brand Building

We assume you Googled brand building if you found your way to this page. As you know, Stealing Share is a branding company. It is what we do. So, a look under the hood at brand building Stealing Share style. Or you can call us, and we will save you the time of reading this.

Brand Project To Steal Share

You must steal share with any new brand project or your brand will die. Are you exploring the idea of starting a rebranding project? Call us right now. Know that a typical Stealing Share brand project takes 3 months to complete and usually includes market research.

Brand Creation

Brand creation comes in basically two forms. What other brand agencies do and what we do. They are barely the same thing. Let’s count the ways. Other brand agencies create what benefits them most. That means impressing their peers with eye-popping visuals. Clever taglines.

Brand Development

Brand development is an important part of running any business. And, it is the only thing we do. And everyone knows that it is necessary to reposition a brand when its meaning has lost some of its relevance and lustre. Markets decide when. Not marketing departments.

Behavior modeling in branding

Behavioral modeling opens the gates to influential brands. The brand anthropologists at Stealing Share created a predictive model as a springboard to persuasive brand creation. This model clears away clutter and reveals the prime emotional motivator that controls your target audiences.

The Intricate Rebranding Elements

Rebranding elements go far beyond just the logo and colour palette, which are simply representations of the brand. The new brand identity needs to reside in everything you do, say or imply. Stealing Share creates and manages all of those rebranding needs.

Brand Training For Sales And The Sales Force

The Salesforce brand training is an important part of branding. Branding is not just the province of the marketing department. Everyone in the company carries the brand promise so they must be trained on it.

Brand Training

Brand training is not the end. It’s the beginning. Brand training for employees and stakeholders is how Stealing Share ensures a successful rebranding or brand launch. Call us now. We will show you how. Other branding agencies see it as an extra service.

Branding Consultants

It says our branding consultants are aggressive and focused. And it says they get right to the point. Cutting through all the political crap. And, personal idiosyncrasies that are in the way of change and winning.