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Brand Consulting Services

Stealing Share is a group of brand consultants with in-house creative and design services, research, and strategic development. This should come as no surprise. We know what everyone else says. They are our competitors and we would be idiots if they were not familiar to us.

Brand Consulting

The term brand consulting gets a bad rap. And that’s what it deserves. As a brand consultancy, we counsel our clients to close their eyes, say their brand name, and notice what comes to mind. When we close our eyes and say, “brand consultants,” all we imagine is endless meetings and meaningless cliché’s

Changing Your Brand

Most brands face daunting tasks in preparing marketing communications to steal market share. Changing your brand can be one way to address that. It is less shocking than a rebranding initiative and far easier than brand repair. If you have unlimited budgets and are capable of out-spending the competitive set, your job is that much easier.

Developing a Brand

Effectively developing a brand is nearly impossible to execute in-house because it is difficult to be dispassionate and objective when evaluating the state of your business. As a result, companies often make the mistake of confusing the business of their business with the business of their brand.

Brand Work

Our brand work cuts across every category. Consumer products, beer, alcoholic beverages, medical devices, and hospitals. We have rebranded small kitchen appliances, disposable diapers, resorts, destinations, and retail. Stealing Share’s expertise is in packaged goods, finance, mutual funds, QSR, fast food, restaurants, banks, trucks, and automobiles. Associations, political movements, airlines, transportation, and manufacturing.

Market Positioning

Your marketing strategy must be dynamic and must focus on the customer. Your market positioning needs to be precise and single-minded. And your branding must prove that the positioning is real. Everyone knows this. But are you prepared for tomorrow’s about-face? Stealing Share has a strategic process to get there. We have a proven road map that challenges every assumption along the way. And it is predictive.