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March 9, 2023

Brand consulting

brand consultingBrand consulting is an indispensable aspect of the business world, and countless firms exist to guide companies in creating a compelling and effective brand identity

Among these, Stealing Share stands out with a unique and innovative approach that challenges the conventional norms of strategic brand consulting.

.With our refreshing perspective and unwavering commitment to delivering results, Stealing Share takes a distinct path to help businesses transform their brand presence and engage customers like never before.

What is the difference between a brand strategist and a brand consultant? All of our brand consultants are brand strategists— however, our brand consultants specialize in integrating the winning brand strategy into the client’s business. Our brand consultants consult, train and integrate.

Clients hire us by project terms or by contracting for hourly consulting. Contact us and we can discuss what works best for you.

Understanding the problem

Traditional brand consultants often follow a one-size-fits-all approach, relying on market research and industry trends to create a brand strategy.

While this may yield satisfactory results for some companies, it often fails to address the emotional connection between a brand and its audience.

Stealing Share recognizes that successful branding goes beyond aesthetics and catchy slogans; it’s about understanding the deep-seated motivations and aspirations of the target audience.

For us, it is also about consulting brand storytelling.

The emphasis on emotional resonance

brand consultingStealing Share digs deep into the target audience’s psyche, delving into their beliefs, values, and desires.

By understanding the emotional drivers of consumer behavior, we can craft a brand message that truly resonates with the audience, evoking authentic emotions and forging meaningful connections.

This approach creates loyal customers and fosters brand advocates who willingly spread the word about their positive experiences.

Human-centric design

Unlike other consulting firms focusing on how a brand fits into the industry landscape, Stealing Share adopts a human-centric design philosophy. It is consulting brand storytelling in a nutshell.

We put the customers at the heart of the brand strategy, ensuring every aspect of the brand’s identity aligns with what the customers truly want and need.

The result is a brand that feels like a natural extension of the consumer’s own identity, making it irresistible and unforgettable.

Uncovering the uniqueness

Stealing Share firmly believes that every brand has a unique value waiting to be unearthed. Instead of trying to mold a brand into a preconceived mold, we work tirelessly to discover the essence of what sets a company apart.

This distinctiveness becomes the foundation of a brand that can confidently stand out in a saturated market, driving customer preference and market share growth.

Simplicity as a driving force

brand consultantingSimplicity is critical to making a lasting impact in a cluttered and noisy marketplace.

Stealing Share’s strategic brand consulting approach emphasizes stripping away the unnecessary, leaving only the core elements that clearly communicate the brand’s message.

By keeping things simple, brands become more memorable, easier to understand, and ultimately more successful in winning over consumers.

Beyond just visuals

While most brand consultants prioritize visual elements such as logos and color schemes, Stealing Share understands that brand identity encompasses far more.

It’s about the entire customer experience, from how a product is packaged to the tone of voice used in communications.

By curating every touchpoint of the brand journey, Stealing Share ensures the brand message is consistently delivered, forging a cohesive and unforgettable customer experience.

Integration of digital media

An online presence is crucial for brand success in today’s digital age.

Stealing Share’s approach doesn’t merely involve transplanting a brand’s identity into the digital space but instead focuses on adapting it to suit the unique characteristics of various digital platforms.

This integration ensures the brand remains relevant, engaging, and accessible to the modern consumer.

Practical implementation

Stealing Share doesn’t stop at crafting an ingenious brand strategy. We take the extra step to guide companies through the implementation process.

This hands-on approach ensures that the brand remains authentic to its core values at every stage of execution.

Proven success stories

brand consultingOne of the most compelling reasons Stealing Share’s approach stands out is its track record of success.

Countless businesses, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, have experienced significant growth and market share expansion under Stealing Share’s guidance.

These real-world results speak volumes about the efficacy of their approach.

Brand Consulting for a changing landscape

Conventional brand consulting methods don’t suffice in a rapidly evolving business landscape. Stealing Share’s innovative approach to brand consulting, centered on emotional resonance, human-centric design, simplicity, and practical implementation, sets it apart as a trailblazer in the industry.

By embracing the essence of what makes a brand truly unique and harnessing the power of emotional connections, Stealing Share paves the way for businesses to thrive in an ever-competitive marketplace.

Brand consultants get a bad rap

The term brand consulting gets a bad rap. And that’s what it deserves.

brand consultingAs a brand consultancy, we counsel our clients to close their eyes, say their brand name, and notice what comes to mind.

When we close our eyes and say, “brand consultants,” we imagine endless meetings and meaningless clichés.

We took our own advice. We rebranded ourselves. No textbook theory here. We went rogue and discovered scientifically provable ways to make your brand infect your prospects and customers like a virus.

Create your brand to steal market share, which will be a wash of emotions. If it’s your elevator speech, you need our help.

A warning (a lawyer would say a caveat)

Other brand consultants are all the same. Pick anyone.

We won’t delve into great detail about what a brand IS and how wrong the category of branding experts has been.

But search our site. You will come to a different understanding of branding.

It’s more vital than identity. It must be an emotional description of your customer and prospect. We build brands that micro-target the emotional strings in your prospects. Then we empower the brand to start strumming them.

Suppose we can’t find problems with your brand; it’s as good as it can get. We don’t believe that. We improve everything.

We are not, yes, men. We shake everything up and challenge everything you believe your brand to be.

You won’t like everything we tell you. But that will never stop us from speaking the truth.

Knowing brand consultants, you recognize this is not typical brand consulting.
We have a job to do.

You hire us to find problems, not pat you on the back. We love a quote from Napoleon—” Never wake me with good news.”

Here are three laws we live by

Rule 1. Brand is not a concept.

It is real. Brand is not a theory. It arose because of an innate human behavior— a desire to find meaning in everything we do.

brand consultingIt’s not just the human propensity to label things. It’s much more than a convenience.
Our need for brands never diminishes.

That’s because brands are emotional for us. We seek things that reinforce our sense of who we are.

Your prospects and customers don’t need the things your brand makes. They need the emotional reassurance that the brand is for “people like me.”

That light never dims. In crowded and noisy markets, it becomes more precious.
Your prospects and customers are not aware of this internal driver. But we all seek to eliminate conflicts between who they believe they are and how they act.

As brand consultants, we bring that understanding to your brand work. We bind the DNA of your target audience into your emotional brand.

And then we help you tell the story. The story goes— “because we are this (the WHY that is brand), we make or create this (your product or service).”

This is not a theory. It is the anthropology of brands. It’s the study of brands in context.

Rule 2. We scientifically back up everything we say

We created a predictive model of human behaviors (our Behavioral modeling).
And we test that model in research.

So we can accurately pinpoint the highest emotional intensity in your category.
And our model allows you to see how embracing that passionate belief will affect the market.brand consulting

So, unlike other brand consulting groups, we don’t just spout off with theories. We present facts. These insights are so compelling they sell all through your organization, and we have training modules to help do just that.

Like other brand consulting organizations, we have opinions. But we challenge them ourselves in the crucible of markets. Nothing is sacred.

But we are telling you right now, sacred cows are our favorite prey.

Rule 3 Every recommendation is actionable

brand consultingNo, loose ends when we recommend something. We also show you how to adopt it. Unlike other brand consulting groups, we come from the work of business. Return on investment means something to us.

If you can’t count it, it does not count.

That’s it in a nutshell. However, there is much more we would like to share. Hire us on a project basis or at an hourly rate. It’s up to you.

We are not to everybody’s tastes. That’s fine by us.

However, if anything we have said strikes one of your emotional chords.