Rebranding Process To Steal Market Share

Let’s Start With A Gut Check. How Many Of These Ring True?

If you Googled the rebranding process and ended up here, there is no need to tell you the reasons why it’s needed. How do you rebrand an existing product? It is a great question.

But there is a possibility that you might need something less drastic. Something like a brand update or a more specific brand change. They are not necessarily easier to execute, but they have different requirements.

You can check them out later. I’ll put links to both of those processes at the end. But feel free to call us now. 

Brand updating

1 ) Your brand is underperforming.

Based upon your best dispassionate assessment, the brand deserves more market share than it currently commands.

2) The market has changed significantly.

When you launched the brand, the emotional drivers were different. Your brand launched into the category, and your market share grew. Then it seemed to stall. Your market intelligence says the brand has lost some relevance.

3) A disruptive competitor entered the market space.

You think you need a rebranding process because the competitor changes the playing field.

An excellent example of this phenomenon is when Apple introduced the disruptive iPhone. And Ericsson disappeared.

4)The target audience changes.

Your brand lost alignment with the target audience’s needs and wants. You are thinking about a rebranding process that comes back in sync with the product or service.

Any one of these reasons makes our rebranding process needed. However, most of these causes are self-inflicted—the inevitable drift from relevance when a branding company believes its rhetoric.

Through no fault of your own, the great monolithic rebranding companies had no idea what they were doing. Their formulation of the brand was wrong from the start. They built failure in.

Rebranding Process To Fix The Original Concep


Here is the thing. A brand is not a static thing. It is not an identity mark (unless that identity is your customer’s face).

The brand is not an accumulation of equities. Those stale ideas were never correct. But they constitute brand theory today. As practiced by others and as taught in MBA curriculums. That’s not our rebranding process at Stealing Share.

We rebelled. Went rogue. Call us. Make us prove it.

Recognizing traditional thinking’s inherent foolishness, we pulled brand theory apart and inserted a new RNA to fix the defective organism called branding.

A persuasive rebranding process changes everything.
No one can afford to waste time or money today. So, we changed the paradigm. In the process (the rebranding process) flipped.

Our research into the dynamics of branding revealed opportunity. Companies confuse brand identity with brand.

The Stealing Share Rebranding Process

1) A brand’s power comes directly from its ability to make the target audience feel incomplete without it.

Which begs the question, what should a brand be to ignite such incompleteness?

It must represent an aspirational idea. It must occupy an emotional position so compelling to the target audience that they crave it—the need to possess it because it feels like it is them.

Stealing share built the entire rebranding process around this fundamental idea— all things being equal, we buy and prefer something that we think is “like” us. We gravitate towards the things we see in life that reinforce our sense of self. Things that seem alien repel us.

rebranding process branding agencies hit the mark2) We look at the target audience differently Because we know where a brand’s power arises.

We needed a tool to help us create a predictable rebranding process. We created behavioral modeling (you can read an entire article on this science here).

This revolutionary model opens the door to belief systems that define our identity. It uncovers the emotional intensities that provide energy in our lives. We identify the highest emotional intensity in your target market and then cling to it with a focused sense of desperation. We treat it as precious as oxygen— as vital as that. We never let it go.

Then, because our rebranding process cuts to the chase, we inject that gene sequence into the brand. We make it a living and malleable life form.

Like a replicating virus, this idea invades everything it touches: marketing messages, marcom, HR, advertising, culture, sales, and elevator speeches.

The Rebrand As A Virus

And because it is accurate, it is contagious. It excites stakeholders because it proves a reason why your brand exists. It no longer sits placidly and regurgitates what you do. Instead, it wraps what you do and the brand’s definition into something more powerful.

It is what a brand narrative is supposed to be. But current narratives never are. It’s not copywriting. It is passionate storytelling.

With this fresh concept, we create the symbols. The logo no longer represents who you are. We design it to convey why you are here.

The theme line speaks directly to this raw emotion. And we insist on a logo lockup. The logo never appears without the theme.

Our rebranding process includes a brand charter. All the brand promises. A reduction into its purest form as to why you are essential.

brand work

Then We Are Done

behavior modeling

Then we hand it off to you and, if you have one, your ad agency.

We must exit the game at this point. We always need to speak the truth to power and reject retainers. They limit your ability to stay true to that vision.

And here is what we promise from our rebranding process: you will never need to rebrand again. Because your brand is alive, living, breathing, and subtly changing as it learns from life’s experiences.

Call us. We want to introduce you to the new world of the 21st-century rebranding process.

And here are the two links we promised you earlier.