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The Most Effective Brand Repair

Rebranding is a science. And with brand repair, the stakes are so high that a specialist must navigate the obstacles, barriers, and opportunities this critical initiative requires. That means there are many considerations, including brand repair. How is the brand seen in social media? How can you harness the rise of AI and chatbots

How do you repair a brand? For us, the science of repair starts with a brand audit and then our behavior modeling. Click on the links for the full details of these two crucial brand repair preparations.

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Is Brand Repair Part Of The Rebranding Approach?

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When rebranding involves brand repair, that means looking at your brand repair clearly. And fixing permissions that limit acceptance or create barriers. You can’t do it alone because the problem the prospect sees as a barrier is often untrue. 

But that doesn’t matter. It is a problem if it’s believed. Being true does not fix the problem.

It is for that reason that many brands are hesitant to address it. Believing educating target audiences on the issue will fix the problem. In addition, an emotional attachment to your brand is why you need an unbiased rebranding approach.

Brand repair (brand rehabilitation) is about dealing with what is, not what should be. Stealing Share approaches this with a lack of sentimentality. We view your brand in a fresh and meaningful light to the people you need to influence.

Ask Why You Are Considering Rebranding In The First Place

If brand repair is not an issue, the considerations are different.

Something has either gone awry or, more often, your business results are not meeting expectations.

A disappointing business quarter, loss of market share, changes in competitive mix, a new product or service, acquisition, or a buy-out are just a few of the events that require such an effort.

There must be a sound business reason because there must be a substantial return on investment. This just makes good common sense.

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What Must Be Considered In A Successful Brand Repair Approach

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Then we hand it off to you and, if you have one, your ad agency.

We must exit the game at this point. We need to always speak the truth to power and reject retainers. They limit your ability to stay true to that vision.

And here is what we promise from our rebranding process: you will never need to rebrand again. Because your brand is alive, living, breathing, and subtly changing as it learns from life’s experiences.

Call us. We want to introduce you to the new world of the 21st-century rebranding process.

And here are the two links we promised you earlier.

Stealing Share Looks Critically At Your Needs

And we ensure the rebranding approach’s upside justifies the time and expense.

Any consultant that tells you this is just about a new name, message, and logo is no expert. It’s much more than that. To do it correctly, we have a rebranding process that helps us determine the loose ends to tie up to ensure success.

Stealing Share’s rebranding approach is a predictive process and allows us to measure brand message changes, so nothing is left to chance. It’s doing brand repair correctly.

Stealing Share’s rebranding is a more imaginative process ensuring your rebrand is memorable and meaningful. Elements are more needed in today’s digital and AI world than in the old analog marketplace. Rebranding today is complicated.

And yet, the many ways your brand can touch your target market are almost limitless.

These changes allow your rebranding to imbed itself in a profoundly personal way.

A brand repair can be a different thing altogether. Yet, some of the basics remain. You still need to reach your audience emotionally.

How old is your brand message? Does it seem dated? You should ask us for a brand audit if it is over three years old. Only then can we know for sure that you need brand repair.

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