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March 16, 2023

Brand design agencies
Think for a moment about why you searched for brand design agencies. You are looking for someone to create a logo or design support pieces for your brand.

Some are looking at brand design agencies because they need to design a booth for a trade show. Stealing Share does all of that. But unlike other branding agencies, we never create something without is building on a strategy— a big idea that moves the brand forward. In many ways, Stealing Share is a rogue branding company. We view the world of brand design differently. Here is a link that will take you to a page dedicated entirely to logo creation. But don’t go there yet.


We are different from average brand design agencies
Our name alone says that difference. Everything we do, every logo we create, we design to grab market share. This is the world in which we all live. It is foolish not to make everything your brand does and says as powerful a tool as it could be. If you can afford to be wasteful, you are not the right client for us, and I suggest you go here.

Old-school branding companies are everywhere. They lumber down the road deliberately, believing they wrote the book on branding, and their clients settle for pretty pictures and benign narratives. Unless there is a strategy behind the brand design elements, all you have at your disposal is if you like it. That’s it. No other barometer is available to you.

Pretty pictures and tight design are not enough. They are the bare minimum. Beautiful design is only the cost of entry as brand design agencies. We suggest you deserve more. Here is our promise to you. It should be the oath of all brand design agencies, but it is not.


Brand design agencies’ rule book
1) You must love the way the design element look. They must be handsome. They must be memorable, and they must represent something important to your target audience.

2) Your brand and corporate culture must feel the design elements represent those stakeholders in an aspirational way. Your brand is their identity.
This second promise is also part of the bare minimum you should expect from brand design agencies.

3) The brand design elements must move your current customers to embrace the brand, AND it must catch the attention and ignite trial from your prospects.

This is how Stealing Share is different. It is why you should call us right now.


A new kind of brand design agency
Stealing Share reinvented the science of branding. We witnessed the beginnings of microtargeting 20 years ago and quickly seized on that notion. Micro-targeting holds the promise of highly personalizing a brand’s message, thus elevating its importance to the customers you need to influence. The science of this graphic skill is the art of persuasion.

We invented a methodology called behavior modeling. It creates a roadmap of the influences in the target market. It illuminates the highest emotional intensity in your category and is a predictive model. Behavior modeling means we can predict the effectiveness of the brand design elements as we create them. It takes the guesswork out of brand design. It provides an equally important metric for your decisions on the design elements. Is it handsome and beautifully designed? Check. Is it aspirational for our corporate culture? Will they love it and embrace it as part of their identity? Check.

Will it demand notice from our prospects? Does the design create greater stickiness with current customers? Are persuasive elements integrated into it? Will it help the brand steal market share? Check.