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A Study On Beer Marketing

The following looks at beer marketing. And it will give you a quick view of how Stealing Share operates and finds solutions. No branding project is complete without market research and beer marketing often lacks that valuable research.

Frozen Food Study

One thing comes clear in doing a frozen food study. The past and present frozen food business landscape riddles with irony. Most brands began as family-owned operations. Swanson, Marie Callender’s, Stouffer’s and many others take their names from their founders.

Fast Food Rebranding

Consider fast food rebranding. The business world is fair. There are clear winners and losers. While outside forces, such as the economy, influence who wins and who loses, the smartest and savviest usually come out on top.

Beer Rebranding. Only Way to Win

A beer rebranding market study? Yup. The beer market is rife with new entries and repositioning of long-standing beer brands. It’s time for someone to step up to the plate; call a spade a spade. Beer rebranding market study.

Destination and Tourism Marketing

Destination and tourism marketing has done a great job of building the tourism category. However, they have not done so well when it comes to differentiating themselves within their own competitive sets.

Great Branding Company

Stealing Share invented persuasive branding. Our brand process takes the standard and rote brand identity and pours persuasive juices into its very fibre. No one should settle for the corner deli type of branding company. If you want to win and grow in today’s crowded market, demand more than just a pretty picture. Static does not cut it anymore.

Analyzing A Brand

We developed a model for analyzing brand position. Having a model is essential. At Stealing Share, unlike other branding companies, we build brands to be persuasive. Brand power comes from an active brand. Conceived in the first person and spoken from the perspective of the prospect.

Creating Brand Identity

What is most important about brand identity? Two things: It represents your brand, it makes the customer identify with it and It serves the strategy behind it. That’s what brand identity is in today’s turbulent and competitive markets. How is it done? Call us, right now and we can tell you.

Brand Anthropology

Our strategists unlock consumer behaviour influencers through brand anthropology. It is an artificial enterprise to evaluate brand and marketing without looking into a much broader spectrum of human behavior. Without the science of brand anthropology, most marketing research studies are deeply flawed.