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Creating Brand Identity

March 16, 2023

Brand Identity. Making it stand out.

What is most important about brand identity? Two things: It represents your brand, makes the customer identify with it, and serves its strategy.

That’s what brand identity is in today’s turbulent and competitive markets.

How is it done? Call us right now, and we can tell you. We have a predictive process for creating brand identity.

Who are you?

Brand identity plays a crucial role in shaping a company’s perception in consumers’ minds. While business identity refers to the foundational elements of a business, such as its mission, values, and operations, brand identity focuses on the visual, emotional, and experiential aspects that differentiate a brand from its competitors.

brand identityA solid brand identity is essential for long-term success in today’s competitive marketplace. Let’s explore the importance of brand identity and why it often takes precedence over business identity.

First and foremost, brand identity helps businesses establish a unique and recognizable presence. In a crowded marketplace, consumers are bombarded with countless options. A strong brand identity helps a company stand out from the competition.

It lets consumers quickly identify and connect with the brand, fostering trust, loyalty, and familiarity.

When customers can differentiate a brand based on its visual elements, such as logo, color scheme, and typography, it creates a lasting impression and increases the likelihood of repeat business.

Moreover, brand identity is instrumental in conveying the values and personality of a company. We draw consumers in beyond the functional benefits of a product or service to brands that align with their own beliefs and aspirations.

A well-crafted brand identity communicates a company’s core values, mission, and vision, allowing consumers to connect emotionally with the brand.

Who are they (the customers)?

By evoking certain emotions or associations, a brand can become a part of a customer’s lifestyle or identity, leading to stronger brand loyalty and advocacy.

Brand identity also facilitates effective brand communication. It is a foundation for consistent messaging across various channels and touchpoints, ensuring the brand’s voice and image remain coherent and recognizable.

 Whether through advertising, social media, packaging, or customer service interactions, a strong brand identity provides a unified and compelling message that resonates with the target audience. Brand consistency fosters trust and reliability, enabling consumers to develop a sense of familiarity and reliability with the brand.

Brand identity helps company culture

brand identityAdditionally, brand identity plays a vital role in attracting and retaining top talent. In today’s competitive job market, prospective employees seek more than just a paycheck; they want to be part of something meaningful and aligned with their values.

A compelling brand identity can attract like-minded individuals passionate about the brand’s mission and vision.

By establishing a strong brand identity, companies can create an appealing employer brand that attracts top talent, fosters employee engagement, and reduces turnover.

Furthermore, a robust brand identity enables businesses to expand into new markets and diversify their product offerings.

Brand identity is a long-term investment

When a brand has successfully established its identity and built a loyal customer base, it can leverage that brand equity to introduce new products or services with a higher chance of acceptance.

Consumers who trust and value the existing brand are more likely to give new offerings a chance, providing a competitive advantage in new market segments.

By investing in a compelling brand identity, companies can foster long-term success, build brand equity, and create a loyal customer base that transcends the functional benefits of their products or services.

Click here to learn about our behavior modeling. But don’t believe identity is your logo, trademark, and color palette. Other branding companies focus on that.

We focus on the persuasive power that lies dormant in your current brand identity. Today your brand identity says who you are. After our brand work, it says why you are. If you can settle for less than that, don’t bother to call us.

But someone in your category will call us. And that day transforms the identity playing field permanently. We developed it through quantitative research beyond simple usage & attitude studies.

Why are other brand identity companies clueless?

brand identityOther brand development companies are lost with that concept. They are process-driven and believe the dog-eared notions from years ago. In these shops (I can’t call them branding companies), the strategy takes the back seat to design.

At Stealing Share, strategy always comes first. However, we see brand identity as a small part of today’s brand building.

Your rebranding should be a persuasive element.

The foundation of your marketing

How to create a brand identity? Brand identity is not some simple graphic that you manage for consistency. Call us. We will tell you the real story of branding. And how yours needs a modern approach. We went rogue. The old-school ideas were lazy and foolish.

We are jumping off here to answer your googled query. But know one thing for sure… a new branding vision is our calling card. We changed everything. Suddenly the book on branding and brand identity is obsolete.

Remember. It all starts with a persuasive strategy. Once the strategy is established, we align all visual and verbal customer touchpoints with the new brand.

As with all things visual, there are many signals between the lines that communicate to your potential customer. The color palette, typography, graphics, and photographic style contribute to the personality. However, without a core concept to drive the way, the parts can only amount to mere decoration.

The critical concept in logo design and brand identity

When we speak of the concept, we mean a central idea. An idea that brings the strategy alive. In logo design, there must be one main idea that connects with customers. Additionally, all energies must be immediate and apparent.

If the viewer must work to get it, then the logo is not doing its job – being a symbol for the brand.

Simplicity is the path to clarity and immediacy

brand identityMake us prove it.

What are the 5 pillars of brand identity? Let’s make it simpler than that. Simplicity is the only way to ensure the logo concept is immediate.

Complexity adds confusion and is a barrier between the brand and the viewer. The thing about simplicity, however, is that the elements can be elegant. It must always be of the utmost quality and craftsmanship.

You might be surprised by how complicated simplicity is. The tendency is always to add more. Yet Picasso explained that “omission is a creative art.” He was too right.

The clarity in brand identity arises when the strategy focuses on a single idea. Not a few ideas or a couple of ideas. It must decide on the most important one. Adding superfluous messaging just muddies the water.

We insist on single-mindedness. In that way, we can bring the identity to life meaningfully AND persuasively. Brand identity Our vision of identity elements for your brand asks for more of it. It must strike a chord with the highest emotional intensity in the market.

And it builds on that intensity. It becomes the gateway to more compelling marketing.

It permits all the claims your marketing makes.

That’s why we see identity not as the pinnacle of the marketing pyramid but as the foundation upon which everything relies.

Simplicity and production value

Simplicity also dramatically affects the ease and difficulty of producing the logo in various required sizes and media.

Complex logos are difficult to reproduce when they are small – in addition to being unreadable. Complex logos are always more expensive to a company because other production processes are required to make them readable.

Brand Standards should be more than a set of rules

brand identityThey should promote their strategy and personality. When done correctly, Brand Standards help an organization reinforce the brand with energy and guidance. Examples with rationales go much further than direct commands.

They should also address language and messaging to make all parts work together to create a dynamic impression. Our Brand Standards also have a list of Do’s and Don’ts that keep the focus tight.

In these logo and identity examples created by Stealing Share, notice how simplicity helps promote each strategy. Stealing Share makes comprehensive visual and verbal systems.

It’s one thing to create a system that works together. It’s quite another when the standards help create a personality and messaging system that reinforces the strategy.