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Brand Training For Sales And The Sales Force

March 15, 2023

Salesforce brand training. Training sales on the brand message. 

Salesforce brand training day

Salesforce brand training is an essential part of branding. Branding is not just the province of the marketing department. Everyone in the company carries the brand promise, so they must be trained.

salesforce brand trainingMost importantly, brand training for salespeople plays a tremendous role, especially in a sales-driven company like those in B2B markets. Brand training for salespeople is often the difference between successful rebranding and failing to meet expectations.

Therefore, Stealing Share conducts salesforce brand training for our rebranding projects with clients. For many companies, the sales staff represents the primary message deliverer for the brand.

So do not underestimate brand training for salespeople in any brand initiative. Those reps must represent the brand most persuasively and consistently and can fully understand their prospects more than the competition.

Brand training for salespeople is not an afterthought in our rebranding process.

Parts of salesforce brand training

The first part of our Salesforce brand training lays out the brand’s promise and relation to its sales discussions. It convinces them as to why it is essential.

Salesforce brand training is essential. We share with them a condensed presentation of the quantitative research. The salesforce must understand where the rebranding got its grounding.

In the brand training for salespeople workshop, we remind the sales folks that the brand has more in common with selling than marketing. We ask them questions that show that tight connection. This helps us overcome the natural animosity salespeople have for marketing.

Getting buy-in

We show them how the rebranding is on their side. Remember that sales folks have first-hand knowledge of the customer. And, in many instances, the prospect as well. Because their relationship with customers and prospects is qualitative, the research salesforce brand trainingmay be jarring to them.

We use the Socratic method in sales training. The findings may not jive with their preconceptions and style. Stealing Share’s research is always based on projectable, quantitative research. So, the customer becomes the smartest person in the room.

Not the salesperson and not the strategist. The training will answer the question: Who are your customers when they use your brand? However, what makes the Salesforce brand training incredibly compelling to sales is that it is practical.

Everything shared with them is actionable. Not theoretical but real. The goal of the brand training is to keep it simple and memorable.

Personality Types

We believe it is vital for salespeople to analyze your market personalities from the research in brand training.

Individual personalities are significant in selecting and purchasing all products and services. salesforce brand trainingOur Salesforce brand training drives that point home. Each type is distinctive and requires a different approach.

Therefore, we show the sales reps cues to identify personality types. And how to craft sales messages specifically tailored to them. We roleplay with them. We show them photos of possible customers and have them identify the personality type.

We also have them identify their own type. This personal identification opens the gate of possibilities. We show them they naturally gravitate to like-personalities, leaving them uncomfortable with many other groups.

The Salesforce brand training provides the sales folks with tools to sell successfully to other types.

Training sales messages

We skillfully build the sales messages around the brand promise. Adjusted for the products you offer and the personalities they approach.

salesforce brand trainingReps will understand what they should say to open the door, what questions to ask, what words and phrases to use, and what caveats to avoid—salesforce brand training for the sales force on temperaments.

We compile all the team brand training for salespeople elements into a sales playbook that is detailed and actionable. The playbook gives sales reps expert guidance in practicing the art of stealing share – taking customers from the competition.

The entire focus is to provide sales reps with scientific advantages over competitors and knowledge of how the brand strategy is more than an empty phrase.

They quickly understand that brand training of salespeople is not an afterthought.

Salesforce brand training playbooks

The playbook and training from a roadmap to success, unifying corporate messaging and prompting customers to choose you beyond the table stakes of excellent service, successful products, and low price.

The entire brand training for salespeople session is a half-day workshop, including roleplaying.

We make it fun and exciting. At the end of the workshop, we give Salesforce a workbook to track their successes.

We ask the brand to hold refresher Zoom calls every month to have a successful sales meeting highlighted. It keeps the brand and the brand’s promise top of mind.