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A Brand Strategy Agency Unlike Any Other

You can’t build preference and steal market share through stale old brand strategies, value propositions, product benefits, and best business practices. Every one of your competitors claims them. We promise and deliver more than every other brand strategy agency.

Repositioning Brands

So, you Googled brand repositioning. Good on you for doing so. Repositioning brands is an ongoing and constant process. The tactical changes in brand repositioning ensure the brand’s continued relevance to the target market.

Rebrand Using Behavioral Modeling

A rebrand is a significant undertaking for any business, service, or product. It has costs and benefits. Let’s, for a moment, put aside the cost-benefit analyses and assume it makes sense for you.

Brand Effectiveness

What if you find your brand’s meaning slipping away? Or you believe your brand is not important or fresh as it once was? You should think about updating your brand. You should call us and request a brand audit.

Brand Updating

Brand updating is not the same thing as rebranding. It is a tweaking of the brand’s message to position the brand to grow share. Call us and we can talk with you in more detail. Even though it seems to be a minor change, the results can be immense.

Brand Training For Sales And The Sales Force

The Salesforce brand training is an important part of branding. Branding is not just the province of the marketing department. Everyone in the company carries the brand promise so they must be trained on it.

Persuasive Branding

Persuasive branding is a science. A decade ago, Stealing Share went rogue. We specialize in persuasive branding. We challenged brand orthodoxy and promised the rebranding we do and the brands we create would be persuasive.

Branding Consultants

It says our branding consultants are aggressive and focused. And it says they get right to the point. Cutting through all the political crap. And, personal idiosyncrasies that are in the way of change and winning.

Brand Consulting Services

Stealing Share is a group of brand consultants with in-house creative and design services, research, and strategic development. This should come as no surprise. We know what everyone else says. They are our competitors and we would be idiots if they were not familiar to us.

Branding Consultancy

We are a little embarrassed saying we are a branding consultancy. It is just such a poor company to keep. The entire industry gives us a bad reputation. You know the familiar riff. A branding consultancy is a group of egg heads who pontificate about theories and deliver not much more than a bill for services. They aren’t’ business people.