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Analyzing A Brand

We developed a model for analyzing brand position. Having a model is essential. At Stealing Share, unlike other branding companies, we build brands to be persuasive. Brand power comes from an active brand. Conceived in the first person and spoken from the perspective of the prospect.

Creating Brand Identity

What is most important about brand identity? Two things: It represents your brand, it makes the customer identify with it and It serves the strategy behind it. That’s what brand identity is in today’s turbulent and competitive markets. How is it done? Call us, right now and we can tell you.

Brand Anthropology

Our strategists unlock consumer behaviour influencers through brand anthropology. It is an artificial enterprise to evaluate brand and marketing without looking into a much broader spectrum of human behavior. Without the science of brand anthropology, most marketing research studies are deeply flawed.

Logo Development

What makes great logo development? People the world over have come to expect a logo when encountering a company or product — It’s so ingrained in how we size things up. We understand logo development differently. We demand more of it. Call us, we will gladly tell you why.

Logo Creation

Logo creation is often overcomplicated. There are a number of cool-looking three-dimensional brand logos in the marketing landscape now. It’s a trend worth noticing. Because, in this highly competitive selling environment, companies of all sizes are constantly reaching for visual advantage.

Brand Design

Brand design is much more than just a pretty picture when it comes to Stealing Share. The brand strategy comes first, and the brand design adheres to it. Call us. Make tell us to prove it. But it’s not a strategy based on preconceptions. We design the brand to make it rise above competitors and have an emotional reason to prefer it.

Building Global Brands

There are an art and a science to global brand building. If you manage or own a multi-national brand, you need a global branding agency skilled in that science. But if your brand is smaller than global, you need it too. Stealing Share is a new kind of global branding agency. We went rogue. That decision to reinvent the science of rebranding changes everything we do.

Brand Strategy Development. Time For A Change.

Brand strategy development is not the first thing you should look at when deciding to launch a brand or rebrand an existing one. Call us, and we can take you through the entire brand strategy development process. It is the second thing you do.

Brand Creation

Brand creation comes in basically two forms. What other brand agencies do and what we do. They are barely the same thing. Let’s count the ways. Other brand agencies create what benefits them most. That means impressing their peers with eye-popping visuals. Clever taglines.

Brand Development

Brand development is an important part of running any business. And, it is the only thing we do. And everyone knows that it is necessary to reposition a brand when its meaning has lost some of its relevance and lustre. Markets decide when. Not marketing departments.