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March 16, 2023

Stealing Share’s Brand Design
Brand design is much more than just a pretty picture when it comes to Stealing Share. The brand strategy comes first, and the brand design adheres to it. Call us. Make tell us to prove it. But it’s not a strategy based on preconceptions. We design the brand to make it rise above competitors and have an emotional reason to prefer it. All Stealing Share’s brand design is world-class. And It is ALWAYS on strategy. It is this lack of strategy that gets us angry at the rest of our category. Other designers may be artists, but they lack the science of persuasion.

Our design team has the left-brain of strategists and right-brained eyes of creativity. Quite simply, we demand more than other brand groups. The designs we create tell the brand’s narrative in visuals. We win our share of awards for our creative work, but we NEVER solicit those awards. Our goal is to bring the highest emotional intensity into your brand.

It is always beautiful and perfectly designed but we ask so much more of it. So should you.


Brand Design Intensity
Stealing Share brand work is all about intensity. The emotional intensity that moves your target audience to rethink their choices. On its own. Stealing Share’s design creativity is persuasive. It tugs at that highest emotional intensity. As a result, your brand is more memorable and important. This is different from other companies that believe brand is just identity. This type of backward thinking holds no place in today’s digital world. Micro-targeting demands the brand feel personal.

Can any design company create logos and supporting materials? Of course, they can. But because there lacks a robust strategic base in the work, there is no means to judge it. All that can be said is “I like it” or “I don’t like it.” Shouldn’t the ability to persuade and sell a message be part of the brand design? We believe so. In the fast-changing markets today, there is more to it than that. Look at our design work. You will see the strategy built into it. The message is there and it stands out and captivates the prospect’s feelings.

This message is intentional. Creating a brand design like this is not easy to do. It requires discipline and higher standards. Don’t let pretty pictures and slick stories fool you. No one can afford any waste in marketing. Brand design that is not emotive is wasteful. As a result, everything in your communications arsenal must work hard. This is the story we tell. Your brand’s story— it is the pathway for success and change. Your success is all we salute. Should this matter to you? It doesn’t seem to matter to other branding companies. Our creativity is integrated into the strategy.

It radiates it. Go somewhere else if you just want a new logo and a set of brochures.


Our Brand Design Makes the Brand Real
Sometimes it involves creating a new logo and branded imagery and messaging from the ground up across the brand. Sometimes that involves a new logo and look and feel, imagery and context, repositioning, and web work. Sometimes it means you need to change your culture to match the values of the target audience. Whatever is needed for you to grow is the emotional fiber of our work. That only happens when our art meets the science of strategy. It happens every day of every week at Stealing Share. It is both who we are and what we do.