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Our esteemed branding company competitors. A sorry lot.

Our branding company competitors have no idea what they are doing. They are so clueless that they actually feature and brag about some of the worst excuses for rebranding we have ever seen. Here are just a few examples of shoddy work.

The Branding Project Timeline

Every project is unique but the branding project timeline has some common elements. The brand flowchart is a good representation of the typical Stealing Share branding project timeline. Every branding project can change based on the needs of the client. But the basic nature of a project and its resulting marketing strategy remains the same.

Analyzing A Brand

We developed a model for analyzing brand position. Having a model is essential. At Stealing Share, unlike other branding companies, we build brands to be persuasive. Brand power comes from an active brand. Conceived in the first person and spoken from the perspective of the prospect.

Brand Anthropology

Our strategists unlock consumer behaviour influencers through brand anthropology. It is an artificial enterprise to evaluate brand and marketing without looking into a much broader spectrum of human behavior. Without the science of brand anthropology, most marketing research studies are deeply flawed.

Logo Creation

Logo creation is often overcomplicated. There are a number of cool-looking three-dimensional brand logos in the marketing landscape now. It’s a trend worth noticing. Because, in this highly competitive selling environment, companies of all sizes are constantly reaching for visual advantage.

Building Global Brands

There are an art and a science to global brand building. If you manage or own a multi-national brand, you need a global branding agency skilled in that science. But if your brand is smaller than global, you need it too. Stealing Share is a new kind of global branding agency. We went rogue. That decision to reinvent the science of rebranding changes everything we do.

Brand Project To Steal Share

You must steal share with any new brand project or your brand will die. Are you exploring the idea of starting a rebranding project? Call us right now. Know that a typical Stealing Share brand project takes 3 months to complete and usually includes market research.

Brand Development

Brand development is an important part of running any business. And, it is the only thing we do. And everyone knows that it is necessary to reposition a brand when its meaning has lost some of its relevance and lustre. Markets decide when. Not marketing departments.

Top Brand Agency

It might seem like hubris to tell you that Stealing Share is a top brand agency. But we believe candour saves everyone a lot of time. And we work with great urgency.. Just look around you.
Everything has changed. Media is different and the digital age and social media promise micro-targeting.

Behavior modeling in branding

Behavioral modeling opens the gates to influential brands. The brand anthropologists at Stealing Share created a predictive model as a springboard to persuasive brand creation. This model clears away clutter and reveals the prime emotional motivator that controls your target audiences.