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Beer Rebranding. Only Way to Win

A beer rebranding market study? Yup. The beer market is rife with new entries and repositioning of long-standing beer brands. It’s time for someone to step up to the plate; call a spade a spade. Beer rebranding market study.

Bank marketing. A new market study

That is a great question. And the answer is a resounding NO and a resounding YES. Call us right now. How can that be true? Stealing Share is a new kind of bank branding agency. Stealing Share went rogue. We are turning our back on old pat answers.

Rebranding Universities And Changing The Way they Market.

Rebranding universities and colleges abound because they all feel the pinch. In the coming years, as the economy puts a damper on prospective students, rebranding will be mandatory. Jobs are harder to come by for students. Student loans are scarcer and more expensive.

Marketing Research

Marketing research has gone through massive changes in the last few years. And the category has improved. Any market research study is only as good as the questions asked. A Stealing Share, we ask better questions. It is that simple.

Branding Research

Branding research is what you conduct after you study the problem and hypothesize the solutions. Other research is not worth the paper it is printed on. Stop all the wasted money and find out how we do it.

Our Process

Our focused branding process grows market share. More than that, it steals share from the competition. Because of this focus, our branding process starts with facts. We begin by conducting one-on-one interviews with your key personnel and influential members of your marketplace.

Our esteemed branding company competitors. A sorry lot.

Our branding company competitors have no idea what they are doing. They are so clueless that they actually feature and brag about some of the worst excuses for rebranding we have ever seen. Here are just a few examples of shoddy work.

The Branding Project Timeline

Every project is unique but the branding project timeline has some common elements. The brand flowchart is a good representation of the typical Stealing Share branding project timeline. Every branding project can change based on the needs of the client. But the basic nature of a project and its resulting marketing strategy remains the same.

Analyzing A Brand

We developed a model for analyzing brand position. Having a model is essential. At Stealing Share, unlike other branding companies, we build brands to be persuasive. Brand power comes from an active brand. Conceived in the first person and spoken from the perspective of the prospect.

Building Global Brands

There are an art and a science to global brand building. If you manage or own a multi-national brand, you need a global branding agency skilled in that science. But if your brand is smaller than global, you need it too. Stealing Share is a new kind of global branding agency. We went rogue. That decision to reinvent the science of rebranding changes everything we do.