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Creative Execution

Contrary to what most advertising agencies, design firms, and branding firms will tell you, stealing market share is not about clever copy or edgy design. It’s certainly not about talking about yourself and your products all the time.

Retail Market Brand Study. A Failing Market

The retail market continues its nosedive. Data demonstrates that the consumer market is punishing the sector by reductions marketing retail marketing spending. The retail market decision-makers continue to hold on to the outdated model.

Brand Research

How we work is what makes Resultant Research one of the world’s top brand research companies. One goal. Research must produce more business. Other research firms don’t make that connection. It is the only reason we exist. To find ways to grow your business and help steal market share.

Our esteemed branding company competitors. A sorry lot.

Our branding company competitors have no idea what they are doing. They are so clueless that they actually feature and brag about some of the worst excuses for rebranding we have ever seen. Here are just a few examples of shoddy work.

Startup Branding

Startups need a brand too. Call us, we are branding experts and we will make it happen. This process provides strategic direction and a strategic theme for startups and emerging brands. We condense the startup branding project timeline to twenty workdays from start to deliverables.

The Branding Project Timeline

Every project is unique but the branding project timeline has some common elements. The brand flowchart is a good representation of the typical Stealing Share branding project timeline. Every branding project can change based on the needs of the client. But the basic nature of a project and its resulting marketing strategy remains the same.

Brand Anthropology

Our strategists unlock consumer behaviour influencers through brand anthropology. It is an artificial enterprise to evaluate brand and marketing without looking into a much broader spectrum of human behavior. Without the science of brand anthropology, most marketing research studies are deeply flawed.

Logo Development

What makes great logo development? People the world over have come to expect a logo when encountering a company or product — It’s so ingrained in how we size things up. We understand logo development differently. We demand more of it. Call us, we will gladly tell you why.

Logo Creation

Logo creation is often overcomplicated. There are a number of cool-looking three-dimensional brand logos in the marketing landscape now. It’s a trend worth noticing. Because, in this highly competitive selling environment, companies of all sizes are constantly reaching for visual advantage.

Brand Design

Brand design is much more than just a pretty picture when it comes to Stealing Share. The brand strategy comes first, and the brand design adheres to it. Call us. Make tell us to prove it. But it’s not a strategy based on preconceptions. We design the brand to make it rise above competitors and have an emotional reason to prefer it.