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Creative Execution

May 18, 2023


Creative Execution

In the dog-eat-dog landscape of today’s marketplace, brands strive to stand out and connect with consumers on a deeper, emotional level.

One agency that has mastered the art of creating fiercely strategic and emotionally compelling brands is Stealing Share.

Our creative process goes beyond mere aesthetics and clever slogans, delving deep into the psyche of consumers to create brands that resonate and drive action.

Let’s explore the Stealing Share creative execution process and how it crafts brand identities that leave a lasting impact.

Strategy is king

Our unwavering focus on strategy is at the heart of the Stealing Share creative process. We believe creativity without a solid strategic foundation is mere decoration – it may look appealing but lacks substance.

To avoid this pitfall, we begin by conducting in-depth research to understand the target audience, market dynamics, and competitive landscape. This research forms the bedrock of our strategic insights, guiding the subsequent creative execution efforts.

We believe that a compelling brand stands for something unique and meaningful in the minds of consumers. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of brand positioning.

We analyze the emotional and rational benefits that resonate most with the target audience and identify the whitespace in the market that the brand can genuinely occupy. This strategic positioning becomes the guiding star for all creative endeavors.

Creative execution

We have many creative tools

With a clear strategic direction, the Stealing Share creative execution process delves into emotions. Humans are driven by feelings rather than logic. As such, we strive to create brands that evoke powerful emotions in consumers, forging an authentic and lasting connection.

We employ various creative execution techniques to tap into the emotional fiber of the target audience. Storytelling, for instance, is a powerful tool to build narratives that touch hearts and create brand loyalty.

We create a sense of belonging and identification with the brand by crafting stories that resonate with consumers’ aspirations, values, and desires.

Emotional keys create successful executions

Visual identity plays a crucial role in evoking emotions and building brand recognition. Stealing Share ensures that every aspect of the brand’s visual representation, from logo design to color palette, aligns with the strategic positioning and emotionally resonates with the target audience.

We believe consistency across all touchpoints reinforces the brand’s message and identity.

Another critical element in our creative execution process is the concept of disruption. Stealing Share understands that to steal market share, a brand must challenge the status quo and differentiate itself from competitors.

We encourage our clients to be bold and daring, pushing the boundaries to create a distinct identity that stands out in a cluttered marketplace.

creative executionOur creatives collaborate with our strategists and clients

Throughout the Stealing Share creative execution process, collaboration plays a central role. We believe that the best ideas emerge from diverse perspectives and input.

We work closely with our clients, involving them in every step of the process, from research and strategy to execution. This collaborative approach ensures that the final creative work truly reflects the brand’s essence and values.

At the heart of the Stealing Share creative execution process is a fundamental belief: a successful brand is not merely a logo, tagline, or product but an emotional connection with its customers.

By delving into the emotional fiber of its audience, the process seeks to understand consumers’ desires, aspirations, and pain points, allowing brands to address these elements meaningfully.

Our creative execution process itself

Begin with projectable, deep-seated behavioral research

How can you sell anything to a customer if you don’t know what makes them tick? Creative executions that steal market share demand that knowledge.

Every human on Earth operates off a set of fundamental primal beliefs. Many think people make buying decisions based on rational criteria. The truth is people buy things based on emotional beliefs and then backfill them with rational justifications.

To successfully steal market share, you must uncover the emotional foundations that drive customer beliefs and our buying decisions. 

Stealing Share combines qualitative and projectable quantitative double-blind research to uncover the real meat. Foolish focus groups will never tell us what we need to know.

Develop a brand strategy based on emotional triggers

Is rebranding a good idea? Are there issues? We have anticipated them. As a result, we reevaluate marketing and rebranding positioning in the crucible of RIGHT NOW. creative executionYour advertising agency and brand design company are interested in simply retaining your business. Because they are a vendor, they make things.

And they don’t challenge your assumptions, and they don’t push you. You need a push today. As a result, your rebranding message and new positioning must be all about the customer.

So, don’t fall into the inside-out marketing and brand messaging trap. We wield all the rebranding services necessary for a successful rebrand. We are a rogue rebranding company. We never start with the rebranding syndrome trap. Others begin with what they believe to be true about themselves, not with Stealing Share.

We start by looking from the outside in.

What we think or believe is immaterial. What matters is what the customer thinks, feels, and believes.

Markets change, as have our rebranding services

The next step is applying this insight to every customer touchpoint. Every creative execution that meets the customer – from logos to trade shows to advertising and everything in between – must have the brand strategy front and center.

Even when highlighting product features and benefits, showcasing the brand’s promise gives those products greater meaning.

For example, on the issue of control, a product benefit would be said like this: “To give you greater control, the new (product name) has been designed for advanced ergonomic comfort and dexterity.”

Reflect the brand strategy in every customer touchpoint

Developing an articulated brand strategy that clearly and concisely condenses the highest emotional intensity is the road map to building brand preference and stealing market share with creative executions. 

We weave control into every aspect of your company, products, processes, and how you interact and engage with customers daily.

The brand becomes the very DNA of the company throughout the organization. Distilling the brand into a quick, memorable theme line is critical to establish the brand’s value for the customer instantly.

This brand theme line should be short, not sound like advertising, or will not be taken seriously. For the control issue above, a brand theme line such as “Control Over Risk” frames and owns the issue in a way no competitor could ever touch.

Begin with a strategic logo that helps to steal market share

Begin your creative executions with the logo. The logo symbolizes the highest emotional intensity with the brand theme line attached to it. This is how the logo helps to steal market share and not just be a simple identity marker.

We design logos to convey what a company does or makes misses the point. Most branding firms woefully miss the importance of a logo in setting the stage for brand meaning.

Stealing Share uses the logo as a critical strategic instrument. When customers see your logo this way, they become immediately aware of your focus on them – a refreshing change from others that starts with how great they are.

The secret to developing brand creative executions

Once the logo and brand theme line are established, they form the foundation of the look and feel of everything that follows. However, the secret to the brand’s attitude and personality is first creating a fully developed advertising concept.

This establishes the character of the brand. It demonstrates copy and visuals all working together that is then expanded and adapted for everything the customer sees.