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Emotion is the Brand’s Value and currency

A brand’s value can be summed up in ONE word— Emotion. Everything else (like product advantages) is just icing on the cake. The real meat is in an emotional connection.

Creative Execution

Contrary to what most advertising agencies, design firms, and branding firms will tell you, stealing market share is not about clever copy or edgy design. It’s certainly not about talking about yourself and your products all the time.

Guitar Branding. A Market Study

In this article Stealing Share is going to look at the science of guitar branding. You can also check out our story on the rebranding of Sabian, one of the world’s largest cymbal manufacturers.
But the study is about another instrument. Guitars.

Marketing Research

Marketing research has gone through massive changes in the last few years. And the category has improved. Any market research study is only as good as the questions asked. A Stealing Share, we ask better questions. It is that simple.

Branding Research

Branding research is what you conduct after you study the problem and hypothesize the solutions. Other research is not worth the paper it is printed on. Stop all the wasted money and find out how we do it.

Brand Research

How we work is what makes Resultant Research one of the world’s top brand research companies. One goal. Research must produce more business. Other research firms don’t make that connection. It is the only reason we exist. To find ways to grow your business and help steal market share.

Our Process

Our focused branding process grows market share. More than that, it steals share from the competition. Because of this focus, our branding process starts with facts. We begin by conducting one-on-one interviews with your key personnel and influential members of your marketplace.

Great Branding Company

Stealing Share invented persuasive branding. Our brand process takes the standard and rote brand identity and pours persuasive juices into its very fibre. No one should settle for the corner deli type of branding company. If you want to win and grow in today’s crowded market, demand more than just a pretty picture. Static does not cut it anymore.

Startup Branding

Startups need a brand too. Call us, we are branding experts and we will make it happen. This process provides strategic direction and a strategic theme for startups and emerging brands. We condense the startup branding project timeline to twenty workdays from start to deliverables.