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Fast Food Rebranding

Consider fast food rebranding. The business world is fair. There are clear winners and losers. While outside forces, such as the economy, influence who wins and who loses, the smartest and savviest usually come out on top.

Beer Rebranding. Only Way to Win

A beer rebranding market study? Yup. The beer market is rife with new entries and repositioning of long-standing beer brands. It’s time for someone to step up to the plate; call a spade a spade. Beer rebranding market study.

Bank marketing. A new market study

That is a great question. And the answer is a resounding NO and a resounding YES. Call us right now. How can that be true? Stealing Share is a new kind of bank branding agency. Stealing Share went rogue. We are turning our back on old pat answers.

Consumer Packaged Goods – A Market Study.

Recent studies estimate sales of the consumer packaged goods industry in the US to reach more than $760 billion by 2020. From any perspective, that is a huge number to ignore. But the industry has its troubles. Highly competitive markets, powerful retailers, and decreasing margins characterize the industry.

Rebranding Universities And Changing The Way they Market.

Rebranding universities and colleges abound because they all feel the pinch. In the coming years, as the economy puts a damper on prospective students, rebranding will be mandatory. Jobs are harder to come by for students. Student loans are scarcer and more expensive.

Destination and Tourism Marketing

Destination and tourism marketing has done a great job of building the tourism category. However, they have not done so well when it comes to differentiating themselves within their own competitive sets.

Retail Market Brand Study. A Failing Market

The retail market continues its nosedive. Data demonstrates that the consumer market is punishing the sector by reductions marketing retail marketing spending. The retail market decision-makers continue to hold on to the outdated model.

Rebranding of Professional Associations

Most associations never think about stealing market share when marketing associations and not rebranding of professional associations. Marketing Associations and rebranding of professional associationsAlthough the directors of membership and marketing of these groups may beg to differ, the reality is different.

Marketing Research

Marketing research has gone through massive changes in the last few years. And the category has improved. Any market research study is only as good as the questions asked. A Stealing Share, we ask better questions. It is that simple.