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Marketing Research

Marketing research has gone through massive changes in the last few years. And the category has improved. Any market research study is only as good as the questions asked. A Stealing Share, we ask better questions. It is that simple.

Branding Research

Branding research is what you conduct after you study the problem and hypothesize the solutions. Other research is not worth the paper it is printed on. Stop all the wasted money and find out how we do it.

Brand Research

How we work is what makes Resultant Research one of the world’s top brand research companies. One goal. Research must produce more business. Other research firms don’t make that connection. It is the only reason we exist. To find ways to grow your business and help steal market share.

Analyzing A Brand

We developed a model for analyzing brand position. Having a model is essential. At Stealing Share, unlike other branding companies, we build brands to be persuasive. Brand power comes from an active brand. Conceived in the first person and spoken from the perspective of the prospect.

Brand Anthropology

Our strategists unlock consumer behaviour influencers through brand anthropology. It is an artificial enterprise to evaluate brand and marketing without looking into a much broader spectrum of human behavior. Without the science of brand anthropology, most marketing research studies are deeply flawed.

Brand Project To Steal Share

You must steal share with any new brand project or your brand will die. Are you exploring the idea of starting a rebranding project? Call us right now. Know that a typical Stealing Share brand project takes 3 months to complete and usually includes market research.

Creating A Brand

Creating a brand on product benefits and best business practices alone is a surefire way to waste time and money. You can’t build preference and steal market share through value propositions.
Every one of your competitors claims these. Other branding companies speak in clichés.

Repositioning Brands

So, you Googled brand repositioning. Good on you for doing so. Repositioning brands is an ongoing and constant process. The tactical changes in brand repositioning ensure the brand’s continued relevance to the target market.

Behavior modeling in branding

Behavioral modeling opens the gates to influential brands. The brand anthropologists at Stealing Share created a predictive model as a springboard to persuasive brand creation. This model clears away clutter and reveals the prime emotional motivator that controls your target audiences.

Brand audit

As part of our standard rebranding process, Stealing Share conducts a comprehensive brand audit. It is an analysis that examines where your brand stands now. And what it does going forward. We also conduct brand audits for companies as a standalone exercise to keep the brand relevant, checking for brand drift (the over-complication of marketing influences on a brand message).