You Need A New Kind Of Branding Agency

If you are satisfied with an old-school branding agency, you might as well just quit reading more about Stealing Share

Today, a brand and a creative branding agency must keep up with attitudinal changes and market flux. It is all changing fast.

Here we have the elements you need in a modern rebrand strategy.

Yesterday’s branding agencies (like these guys) are still plying the old-school disciplines that are ancient with the onset of social media and chatbots.

These market changes come at a cost. We call that cost integration. It demands a tight economy of scale in a banding agency. It creates the space to do the best branding.

All our experts working on your rebranding or brand launch must work closely together as a single team.

The divisions between teams at stealing share’s branding agency and design agencies are blurry.

That’s because they work closely together, drawing on each other for expertise.

As a result of this need for tight coordination, everything needed for rebranding or brand launch is under our one tent.

We created a different and superior team structure. What do branding agencies do? We can’t speak to the other guys. But it is one of the advantages of not being a big company. It’s why we are considered one of the top brand consulting firms in the world.

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High stakes when choosing a branding agency

Your competitive market is increasing the stakes. It has always been dog-eat-dog, but the margin of error is shrinking. As a rogue branding agency, we spit on the grave of old-school branding ideas.

A few marketing rules are still valuable. But not the branding rules. They are outdated and out of touch.

Raised Hand in Strength

Stealing Share takes on no more than five rebranding or brand launch projects at a time. We are a strategic branding agency

We want to stay at our current size. Here is how your team is different from other branding agency norms. We have no account executives. You work directly with the strategists on your project.

A resultant researcher works directly with your strategists. You work directly with our creative director when we forge the creative elements needed to complete the brand project.

Our founder and senior strategist, Tom Dougherty, dedicates 20% of his time to each project.

No go-between. No dog and pony show.

Here we have the elements you need in a modern rebrand strategy. Let’s start with a new idea. We call it persuasive branding. What’s different between your branding agency and other ones?

We invented persuasive branding

And because it is real, it is contagious. It excites stakeholders because it proves a reason why your brand exists. It no longer sits placidly and regurgitates what you do.

Instead, it wraps what you do and the brand’s definition into something more powerful.

It is what a brand narrative is supposed to be. But current narratives never are. It’s not copywriting. It is passionate storytelling.

With this fresh concept, we create the symbols. The logo no longer represents who you are. We design it to convey why you are here.

The theme line speaks directly to this raw emotion. And we insist on a logo lockup. The logo never appears without the theme.

Our rebranding process includes a brand charter. All the brand promises. A reduction into its purest form as to why you are essential.

brand work

We have in-house research

brand strategy agency

Then we hand it off to you and, if you have one, your ad agency.

We must exit the game at this point. We always need to speak the truth to power and reject retainers. They limit your ability to stay true to that vision.

And here is what we promise from our rebranding process: you will never need to rebrand again. Because your brand is alive, living, breathing, and subtly changing as it learns from life’s experiences.

Call us. Let us show you why we are one of the top branding agencies in the US. We want to introduce you to the new world of the 21st-century rebranding process.

And here are the two links we promised you earlier—

Enter modern rebranding (with a capital R)

A persuasive brand is a permission. It’s your gateway to importance. In a split second, prospects decide. It is what they are hearing, seeing, and experiencing just for them. Branding is more personal now. (Read the three essential elements of a successful rebranding project)

We are the only branding agency that crafts your brand’s permission scientifically. Modeling the message around belief statements, we build the brand’s permissions to ignite your prospects’ interest.

A powerful brand strategy based on science

Stealing Share invented a behavioral modeling process to focus the research and reveal the highest emotional intensities.

This behavior model is a roadmap of influences. The modeling process leads the strategists and researchers to actionable research. Forget usage and attitudes.

The behavior model provides a window into the target market’s belief systems. It details the relationship between those highly held emotional precepts and the needs and wants those precepts create and control.