Finding the right rebranding company

Rebranding is not something to be taken lightly. It is a complicated rebranding process that costs money. Brands often wait too long before considering a rebranding agency and relaunching their brands. It’s easy to understand the reluctance. It is a significant commitment.

Stealing Share reinvented the science and art of rebranding (a rebranding strategy). Our process, thinking, and results differ from an old-school rebranding agency.

But we warn you. We are not for everybody. We are aggressive and blunt because it saves everyone time.

As a new kind of rebranding company, we focus on changing the status quo. The brands we rebuild steal market share. It’s who we are, and it’s what we do.

Our rebranding process makes us different

relaunching a brand arebranding companyOur process led to creation of a different kind of rebranding agency and a new category of rebranding companies. We call it persuasive branding. It creates within your brand the highest emotional intensity in your category. (Here is a Company rebrand checklist)

The result is your brand has urgency in its DNA. Your brand pushes the prospect to action.

And we have a scientific model to predict that change. I’ll leave a link at the bottom for you to read in-depth about both.

We are the rebranding company you need today. We can answer all your questions and never pretend to know more than we do.

If you don’t want that, leave Stealing Share and go here.

The brand must lead marketing

Brand managers and CMOs often want to ignore the pain of brand slippage if they can.

But the signs are there. Maybe profit margins are slipping, or competitors are improving or arriving new in the market.

Sometimes it’s hard to think of rebranding when the brand invested so much time and money in protecting and supporting the brand.


The first mistake in rebranding

Waiting too long before talking to a rebranding agency. As a rebranding company, we see this too often for comfort. If a brand waits too long to relaunch and rebrand, it must do a brand repair.

And brand repair is more challenging to accomplish than rebranding.

At its core, rebranding is an additive exercise. The rebranding company must find a subtle value change, a nuance, building on past equity to make the brand more relevant and preferred.

The second mistake in rebranding

Hiring the wrong type of rebranding company can have disastrous consequences. Let’s discuss the perils of poor choices in selecting a rebranding partner.

rebranding companyOne of the main risks of hiring the wrong rebranding company is the potential lack of strategic vision.

Rebranding should go beyond superficial changes like logo redesigns or color palettes. It should thoroughly analyze the target market, competition, and brand positioning.

A rebranding company without a solid strategic vision may overlook crucial elements and fail to deliver a brand identity that resonates with the target audience, leading to wasted resources and missed opportunities.

Ineffective communication

Effective communication is vital during the rebranding process.

However, hiring the wrong type of rebranding company can result in ineffective communication channels.

A lack of clarity, misinterpreting ideas, and poor project management can hinder progress and cause unnecessary delays.

This communication breakdown may lead to a disjointed and confusing rebranding effort, damaging the company’s reputation and customer trust.


Every business is unique, and its rebranding strategy should reflect that. However, the wrong rebranding company may employ a cookie-cutter approach.

This often occurs in large multinational branding companies. Offering generic solutions that fail to capture the essence of the business.

Such an approach can result in a rebrand that lacks differentiation, making it difficult for the company to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Without a tailored and authentic brand identity, the business may struggle to connect with its target audience and fail to achieve the desired growth and success.

Lack of experience and expertise

Rebranding requires a combination of creativity, strategic thinking, and industry knowledge. Hiring an inexperienced or ill-equipped rebranding company can harm the project’s outcome.

Without a deep understanding of the industry dynamics, consumer behavior, and market trends, the chosen rebranding partner may make ill-informed decisions that compromise the company’s brand equity.

Moreover, the lack of experience may result in poor execution, damaging the brand’s reputation and undermining the business’s overall objectives.

Leverage your brand's goodwill

rebranding companyThe goodwill in the heritage brand is leveraged. That brand equity permits the rebranding agency to add enhanced and compelling extensions to the brand.

Brand repair means erasing something rather than adding to it. It’s the difference between forgiving and forgetting.

The time to rebrand, just like in a pending divorce, is when it is still possible to forgive a fault because the reason you were in love is still visible.

At some point, what occurs is so distant from the original relationship that the fault is impossible to forget. That is what Stealing Share, as a rebranding company, calls brand repair.

Searching for a rebranding company

You are here because you are thinking of rebranding and searching for a rebranding company or a rebranding agency that is an expert in what you need.

As a leader of an organization, you look for ways to improve your business through top-line revenue growth.

And look for expense reduction, productivity improvements, channel efficiencies, and other economies. You’re a marketer and communicator; you look to communicate the message to internal and external audiences effectively.

Start with a brand audit

As a leader and communicator, you continually examine your organization’s brand to improve your business.

Is your brand dated? Does it lack enough meaning in the market, or is it too similar to competitors’ brands to be preferred?

Whatever you believe your brand issue is, you realize your organization’s brand is not as effective as it should be. Assuming you are right.

Rebranding is an option. I’m not going to sell you the virtues of rebranding. There are times when it makes sense and times it doesn’t. The only way to know for sure is by commissioning a brand audit.

And a brand audit is the segue to picking the right rebranding company.

Stealing Share often recommends against rebranding

rebranding companySometimes all a brand needs is a slight refresh or a more compelling marketing message. When we audit a brand, we measure its effectiveness in 9 categories.

The necessity for a complete rebrand must show deficits in 7 of those categories.

Many rebranding companies never found a brand that didn’t need rebranding.

It’s like finding a surgeon who does not think the solution to your problem is surgery. Or a chiropractor who thinks your malady needs pharmaceuticals.

Because Stealing Share is a rebranding agency, we have many arrows in our quiver, and rebranding is simply one of them.

Never leave rebranding to the ad agency

Never include advertising agencies when choosing a rebranding company

rebranding company Other branding agencies rebranding servicesThere are some extraordinary advertising agencies out there (read more about ad agencies here), but it is a grave mistake to think of them as a rebranding agency.

Ad agencies are expertly utilizing various media and mediums to put forth messaging. But too often, the messages are just entertainment, and the brand itself is lost.

Whether it is a viral social media post or television advertisement for a consumer product, or even an expertly designed sales brochure for

a B2B company— agencies are in a constant battle of one-upmanship.

Choose a rebranding company— a rebranding agency, not an ad agency

They are not brand development companies. Advertising agencies make advertising. The problem is that they believe they can solve everything with nice pictures, viral videos, social media, and slick production.

But they don’t want to miss a drop in revenue. A rebranding agency has longer-term goals.

Make no mistake. There may be a time for all those things

But if you believe your brand is the problem (and probably is), an advertising agency is not your friend.

Because they are not objective, their mission is to keep you as a client. A rebranding company like Stealing Share remains objective because our relationship ends when the project finishes.

Stealing Share tells you the truth

That defines our relationship with you. Sometimes you will get a bloody nose. Most rebranding agencies only want to please the client.

As a result, their work rarely reflects your prospect’s needs. Instead, they rebrand to please you. We are not that kind of rebranding agency.

rebranding Brand agency and rebranding services rebranding company

That’s no reason to engage in a rebrand development process in the first place. These brand companies welcome organizations that seek nothing more than having someone tell them they are doing an excellent job.

That’s not us, and we are not for them.

Rebranding Company. It’s what we do.

Selecting the right rebranding company is crucial. Hiring the wrong type of partner can lead to a lack of strategic vision, ineffective communication, a cookie-cutter approach, and a lack of experience and expertise.

By carefully evaluating potential rebranding agencies, businesses can minimize the perils and maximize the chances of a successful rebranding effort that drives growth and resonates with their target audience.

Our rebranding process does not always have a pretty picture or slick ad campaign at the end.

Though we can do those things, they are not the destination of our work.