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Guitar Branding. A Market Study

In this article Stealing Share is going to look at the science of guitar branding. You can also check out our story on the rebranding of Sabian, one of the world’s largest cymbal manufacturers.
But the study is about another instrument. Guitars.

Bank marketing. A new market study

That is a great question. And the answer is a resounding NO and a resounding YES. Call us right now. How can that be true? Stealing Share is a new kind of bank branding agency. Stealing Share went rogue. We are turning our back on old pat answers.

Consumer Packaged Goods – A Market Study.

Recent studies estimate sales of the consumer packaged goods industry in the US to reach more than $760 billion by 2020. From any perspective, that is a huge number to ignore. But the industry has its troubles. Highly competitive markets, powerful retailers, and decreasing margins characterize the industry.