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Brand consultants should do more than yap on about nothing

We don’t feed and care for sacred cows.

We kill them.

This is a new type of brand consultancy. It is rooted in action and change. If you want to hear all the great things you are doing. Stop right here. Visit these guys.

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Other brand consultants prey on corporations’ neediness

Brand consultants are not closed mindedWe reinvented the business 15 years ago and have not had time to look back.

We understand your brand like it is in a different universe.

Others march on like the drones in 1984. They talk to you about brand equities, identity, and values.

Great. Tell us something new.

The problem is they never understood the brand entirely.

They hid behind mirrors and smoke and talked, and talked, and talked about conventional wisdom.

There is not enough time to explain everything on one page

But your brand is not your identity. Your logo and mark are a tiny part of building a brand to steal market share.

You don’t even own a brand.

You manage it.

Ownership means you have skin in the game.

This might not sound revolutionary. But it is.

Realizing this simple idea gave birth to a new type of branding from our brand consultants.

We invented it right here—a persuasive kind of branding.

One is rooted in the science of anthropology.

brand consultants with better ideas

To coin a term, we call it brand anthropology.

Because they are a vendor, they make things. And they don’t challenge your assumptions, and they don’t push you. You need a push today.

As a result, your rebranding message and new positioning must be all about the customer.

So, don’t fall into the inside-out marketing and brand messaging trap.

We wield all the rebranding services necessary for a successful rebrand. We are a rogue rebranding company.

We never start with the rebranding syndrome trap. Others begin with what they believe to be true about themselves.

Not at Stealing Share. We start by looking from the outside in. What we think or believe is immaterial.

What matters is what the customer thinks, feels, and believes.

Ownership changes everything

When you own something, you care deeply about it.

You wear your affinity for it on your sleeve (or on your arm if you are Harley Davidson).

Customers who embrace the brand own it. If it is strong, it becomes a magnetic brand. Your job is to manage it.

You make sure to encapsulate their DNA in your brand.

That’s it. That’s your job.

Our job at Stealing Share

What is the difference between a brand strategist and a brand consultant? As consultants, we track down the customer’s and prospect’s DNA.

Then we inject it into your brand and messaging. Because we know what we are doing, it reinvigorates brands and engages new customers.

Solving your branding needs is about asking the right questions.

We don’t assume anything. Our brand consultants leave nothing to chance.

They help with messaging, positioning, corporate communications, and operations.

The science of brand anthropology shook our world

Suddenly, we needed in-house research.

We needed researchers, strategists, designers, writers, dreamers, and great clients.

So we formed Resultant Research.

branding experts using resultant research for brand consultants

A research group that questions everything and gives the brand consultants at Stealing Share a hard time about everything.

Now. We don’t know how we ever lived without it.

Resultant Research invented a way to quantify qualitative ideas. To uncover the emotional intensity that ownership brings to the table.

This research is revolutionary.

And, like all revolutions, it’s not for everybody.

They won’t conduct focus groups (they don’t believe it is research— unless the prospect or customer is a group).

Call us about our research. It’s a story within itself.

We must be certain

We invented a way to cognitively model the emotional fabric of your brand’s customers (we call them owners).

And predict the changing dynamic of nuanced brand development with pinpoint accuracy.

Stealing Share’s brand consultants call this our Preceptive Behavioral Model. It reveals the connections between what your prospect/customers believe to be true.

The needs and wants that those beliefs create and control. And the processes and actions the needs and wants to ignite.

Our brand researchers invented a way to quantify all of this.

Just amazing.

We want to work with you

But not everyone wants to work with us. Just clients that embrace raw truth and demand all of it.

Not everyone wants to hear that their kids are homely.

Preconceptions and assumptions have no place in our work.

Our brand consultants, smart people, are paid to uncover truths and eliminate barriers to success.

We have worked in every category

Stealing Share’s brand consultants are not specialists in your industry.

They are specialists in human behavior and branding.

Our client list is global.

We have consulted with Fortune 100 companies, Fortune 500 companies, international companies (about 20% of our clients are outside the US), and startups.

You can hire by the project or at an hourly consultive rate.

Call us and start our conversation. Steal just 5 minutes of your time. It will change everything.